Holidays in Mallorca/Majorca: where to stay in Mallorca, what to see & do in Mallorca, language in Mallorca
Mallorca/Majorca Holidays
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All you need to know to have a great holiday in Mallorca/Majorca


Guide to Mallorca/Majorca

If you’re thinking of going to Mallorca/Majorca on holiday, read this website first, to make sure you get the most out of your time in the Balearics.

Mallorca is an idyllic holiday destination, offering diverse and intense pleasures to the visitor, including:

  • beautiful beaches, both sandy and rocky
  • clear, warm sea for swimming, boating and other water sports
  • amazing mountains for hiking, biking and picnicking
  • breathtaking views, picturesque villages, interesting architecture, captivating landscapes
  • great food, wine and coffee
  • friendly people
  • a peaceful, restorative, stress-free pace of life.

Mallorca is easy and relatively cheap to reach from Britain and provides everything you could want for a relaxing and/or stimulating holiday.

Mallorca mountains and sea

If you like culture, Mallorca has loads to offer you. If you like active, energetic holidays, there are many interesting things you can do in Mallorca. If your idea of a proper holiday is eating, drinking and lying in the sun, you can’t do much better than Mallorca.

Although it’s true that Mallorca is extremely popular with the British and that most people on the island speak English, if you don’t like the thought of this, don’t be put off. Once you venture away from the tourist areas, you’ll soon find the ‘real’ Mallorca.

If you’re a woman travelling alone or if you’re a family with young children, Mallorca is an excellent place for your holiday. The crime rate is very low and the people are friendly and helpful, while not being remotely ‘in your face’. If you are an older person, you will probably enjoy Mallorca’s beautiful beaches and well-kept promenades. There’s a lot of fun to be had in Mallorca that doesn’t involve hiking or biking!

Mallorca sea
Mallorca is home (at least part of the time) to quite a few celebrities – Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones, Boris Becker, Michael Schumacher, Claudia Schiffer, Tom Cruise, Pierce Brosnan and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, to name just a few. Some parts of the island are, therefore, very rich and ultra-modern, but other parts appear not to have changed for centuries.

For some, Mallorca is a peaceful haven, away from the glare of the limelight. For the rest of us, the island offers comfort, ease, beauty and access to ancient sites and traditional ways of life.

If you haven’t booked your flight or ferry to Mallorca yet, what are you waiting for? Peace and adventure are yours for the discovery.